Tongtai Weirun was awarded the 2024 Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Enterprise

Release date:2024/05/14 Browsing volume:597 Source: Shandong province and Tai Wei run Food Technology Co., Ltd.


Recently, according to the "Management Measures for Credit Rating Evaluation of Shandong Feed Enterprises", the Shandong Feed Industry Association evaluated 55 "Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA" enterprises for the year 2024 based on voluntary application, industry association recommendation, expert evaluation, and public announcement by feed enterprises in the province. Shandong Tongtai Weirun Food Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of calcium propionate, sodium propionate, and sodium benzoate, was successfully selected.


Credit is a symbol of quality and brand, and a reflection of a company's core competitiveness. This time, Taiweirun Company was awarded the "Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA" enterprise, which is not only an affirmation from the industry, but also a true reflection of the company's active practice of the corporate spirit of "integrity, innovation, and refinement". In the future, Shandong Tongtai Weirun will continue to provide higher quality products and services, play a leading role in industry integrity construction, and make greater contributions to the sustainable, healthy, stable, and harmonious development of Shandong's feed industry.