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In early autumn September, the autumn light was brilliant, and the clear sky was clear. On September 1st, the Five-Nine-Zero Launch Conference of Tongtai Weirun Business School was held solemnly with the theme of "stressing loyalty, rules and performance". Manufacturers of calcium propionate, sodium propionate, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate gathered with various departments of Taiweirun to share the results of the previous quarter and commend outstanding family members. We also made arrangements and arrangements for the next quarter's work. We have been looking forward to every start of the conference. Thanksgiving and Tai Wei run let us get together here! Thank you for meeting the best of you in your life! The conference was officially opened with warm applause.





In the opening ceremony of the conference, the members of the family, together with Teveirun, fully demonstrated their self-confidence, energy and passion with special costumes and enthusiastic dancing. The game again ignited a warm atmosphere on the scene.






▲销售冠军 周扬




▲微信达人 王福强


▲生产标兵 张国防


▲日志标兵 刘海波


▲舞王 吴开鑫   舞后 张萍


At last, the award ceremony, the climax of the start-up meeting, was held to honor family members who had performed well in the previous quarter. Commendation is the company's greatest encouragement to employees, and it is the affirmation of everyone's ability.





At the most solemn and sacred moment of the conference, the PK participants took the stage to enter the next quarter target. The public promised that all the sales elites would solemnly swear and sign military orders on the mission target. These outstanding colleagues, faced with the pressure of performance, bravely marched forward, and signed in the witness of the company's leadership. The "military order" expressed the determination to complete the sales task. And for this reason, we promise not to reach the goal. The plan of work is commitment, the goal is the starting point of success, and persistence is the end of success.


Mr. Zhou Xiaofeng, the chairman of the board of directors, has deployed and arranged the work for the next 120 days. He calls on all the staff to take action, to be full of energy, to do real work, to put the work standards in place, to be determined, to be united, to fight for 120 days, and to create a result worthy of shame and pride!

Looking forward to the new journey, we will stand on a new starting point, enlarging the existing advantages, highlighting potential advantages, creating no advantages, let us unite and redouble our efforts, and jointly compose a more brilliant new chapter with Taiweirun!