Business objectives:

Large companies will go bankrupt due to poor management, and small companies will work hard, innovate, and work hard to become a large company. All my colleagues in Taiweirun recognize this principle and know the old motto of starting small and focusing on the big. Details determine success or failure, and strive to achieve strategic planning.

1. Become a unicorn company within five years and quickly achieve an IPO.

2. Large-scale trade in boutique factories, with sales of 50 series and 200 products.

3. Deploy 20 countries overseas with a global perspective, and establish 100 high-quality agents worldwide.

4. Establish a national food and feed additive research and development center within five years.

5. The first five-year output value reaches 1 billion yuan (2021-2026)

        The second five-year output value will reach 3 billion yuan (2026-2031).


To the state

Responsible for creating taxes, creating jobs and promoting economic development.


Responsibility for protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development

To society

Responsible for safe production, lawful operation and promoting safety and harmony responsibility.

To the industry

Bear the responsibility of leading the development and setting up a good social image

To the customer

Responsible for meeting customer needs and providing quality service.

To employees

Responsibility for promoting growth and guaranteeing legitimate rights and interests

The company has always been committed to better grasp the mission and responsibility of the company in the economic and social development. Since its establishment, we have tried to practice the enterprise tenet of "good faith, quality, innovation and win-win", carry out production and operation activities according to law, and strive to create tax. We insist.