Pre sale service

Full  time online customer service: 400 customer service telephone and  business personnel receive telephone consultation at any time for 24  hours to provide contact ways of product sales channels; sales and  technical personnel provide detailed description of product use: product  profile, product design and application performance, recommended  processing technology or application formula, product packaging and  storage and transportation. For example, free samples are sent for trial. Our R & D center will provide relevant technical support at any time.


Technical support services

Provide product personalized service according to customer's demand, professional R & D, production and sales team follow customer application and feedback, adjust product index and process quickly according to demand, answer related product consultation in time of application, and provide customers with relevant industry comprehensive technology according to customer production process requirements. Solution; customers can inquire information about product order opening and delivery in time.


Logistics service

Deliver the goods to the customers.

Product specific packaging can be provided according to product performance and customer needs.


After-sale service

24 hours online customer service, accept customer suggestions and complaints;

The company's technical personnel and sales personnel will be ready to provide you with consulting services.